Auto and Motorcycle Services Lipa City

Auto & Motor Supply and Parts store

Growing inventory of hard to find car parts and accessories for your auto, motorycle/scooter/tricycle

We stock top brands like Toyota, Isuzu, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and many others. Our pricing is one of the lowest in Lipa City, if not the lowest at all times. We are constantly working with our direct suppliers for deals that will allow us to offer our customers the best pricing ever. Our Customers benefit from these low prices.

Full Service Oil Change

The best way to minimize breakdowns is doing routine maintenance, like the essential vehicle CHANGE OIL

Full Service Oil Change
We offer full service, you can get your oil, filters and other stuff directly from our own auto supply. There is really no need to go anywhere else.
Note that you will also get a FREE carwash and an optional FREE Tire Rotation. If you are going on a trip these coming holidays then it is a must to you have your tires inspected and/or rotated. Stay SAFE all the time.

Labor Only Oil Change
If you prefer to have your own supplies then bring them over and we'll just you the labor cost. Our labor cost will still be the lowest cost you will find in Lipa.

Vehicle Tune Up

Get your vehicle Tuned-up first before starting on that long drive! Bring your car over to KASKASERO and we will make sure that you get all the basic and fundamental inspections that your car needs. Drive safe and keep your car in full check, do that for yourself and for your loved ones.


Diesel Engine Mechanic Lipa City Batangas
Diesel Engine Specialist in Lipa City Batangas
Isuzu Diesel Mechanic LipaCity

Carwash and Underwash

We have a dedicated setup for your auto's UNDERWASH.

Simple carwash, interior detailing, exterior detailing.

We have a dedicated, specially designed area for underwash. Have you seen any underwash around Lipa? Yup, not too many if non-existing!
But here at KASKASERO, our UNDERWASH job is one of our number one services. Keep the under side of your car to avoid corrosion and unexpected issues.

Engine wash and Engine Detailing

Detailed Wash
We pay attention to details when working on your engine.

Tire Repair and Vulcanizing Service

Tire Repair
Tire repair service for sedans, trucks and van types of vehicles.

Tire Rotation
Tire rotation service for sedans, trucks and van types of vehicles.
FREE tire rotation included with Oil Change Service

We fix flat tires of Motorcycle, Tricycle, Scooter and whatever wheel you have that has 'interior tube'.

Auto Body Paint

Auto body paint service. Contact us now for a quick estimate and get that vehicle painted before summer starts!

Headlights Restoration

Are your headlights not giving you that bright lights that they used to? Not seeing the road too well because of your dirty headlights? Bring to your car to KASKASERO and we'll do our best to restore your headlights close enough to being new!

Windshield & Window Acid Rain Spots Removal service

  • Water marks/spots from acid rain?
  • Hard water, uneven grits?
  • Sediments build up on glass?
  • Stain that's hard to remove?

Worry no more, just relax and bring your car over to us and let KASKASERO team take care of it for you!