How To Protect Your Car From Taal Volcano Ash Fall

Residents of Lipa and Batangas and nearby provinces are affected by the recent eruption of Taal Volcano. Volcanic ash can infiltrate nearly every opening and scratch most surfaces, especially between moving parts of vehicles. It can also easily clog air-filtration systems which can lead to overheating and engine failure. Below are some helpful tips for protection your cars.

  1. Do not just wipe the ash off your car. First, soak car bodywork with water to loosen surface deposits. Use plenty of clean water.
  2. Use a pH-neutral car bodywork shampoo solution.
  3. Wipe and dry your car using a only high quality microfibre drying towel or synthetic chamois.
  4. Do NOT use wiper blades if your windshield has ashes. Ash is very abrasive and dirty wiper blades will scratch the windscreen when sweeping ash across the glass surface and side window seals.
  5. Use a specialist automotive rubber treatment to cleanse and protect rubber seals, wiper blades and tire sidewalls.
  6. Wash frequently until the volcanic ashes ease up to minimise the risk of potential future damage.
  7. Repeat: Rinse your car first, before washing so that you're not grinding the abrasive ash into the surface, you'd be like sanding the paint.
  8. Do not leave an ash-covered car outside on wet nights or foggy mornings because it will result in chemical etching and, in some cases, serious damage to a vehicle’s painted surfaces.
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