How to Protect Yourself And Your Car during Taal Volcano Eruption

  1. On Driving: Avoid driving in heavy ash conditions unless absolutely required. When required to drive in ashy conditions keep speed below 55 kilometers per hour or lower. Do not follow too close to the car ahead, and use headlights on low beam.
  2. Check your Air-filtration systems to avoid overheating and engine failure. Small concentrations of ash particles inside an engine can cause extra engine wear.
  3. Check Transmissions. Transmissions experience extra wear after ingesting minute ash particles.
  4. Check Seals. Seals on hydraulic components may wear out faster than usual.
  5. Check brake assemblies: Brakes and brake assemblies are especially vulnerable to abrasion and clogging from ash.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT - If possible, Do NOT operate your wiper blades if your windshield has ashes. Ash is very abrasive and dirty wiper blades will scratch the windscreen when sweeping ash across the glass surface and side window seals.
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