Best Auto Detailing Service in Lipa City Batangas

KASKASERO AUTO is the Best Auto Detailing Service in Lipa City Batangas, why?

If you are looking to pamper your car with the best care and detailing, then your best bet is to go KAKASERO Auto Services.

At KASKASERO, you will be greeted with a smile from our friendly staff. They are very courteous, respectful, honest and experts in auto detailing.

Tons of drivers go to KASKASERO everyday to have their treasured cars treated with the best care. They make sure that they clean your car very efficiently, and also make sure that it is done the right way. Service Professionals at KASKASERO work effectively by following a standard process.

Why is a standard process important? Because by following a process, every single worker at KASKASERO, no matter who works on your car is guaranteed to the job the right way. KASKASERO trains their personnel in doing their job effectively.

Below are some basic steps in our "PROCESS":

  1. Gathering all the supplies needed for interior detailing.

    Before a service tech starts on your car, he makes sure that he has everything that he needs to peform his work. This is important so that he can avoid unnecessary back and forth trip between your car and the supplies room. It may seem very trivial, but this simple method will protect your car from the possibility of contracting new dirt!

  2. Removing all loose items and bag them for the owner.

    You can be sure that if your valuables are safe at KASKASERO. Our service techs are honest, period. To make sure that you do not forget any of your belongins, our service technicians will carefull gather your stuff, put them in a clean bag and hand them to you.

  3. Removing of any trash from the car's interior.

    We do a base cleaning first before we do the heavy stuff.

  4. Removing all seat covers and mats.

    We make sure that we can safely reach every nook and cranny of your car's interior. To do that, we have to remove those seat covers and mats and put them in a neat place.

  5. Detaching all car seats.

    We have complete set of tools for dealing with those nuts and bolts. And not ony that, we make that we put them back exactly the same as before.

  6. Vacuuming

    We vacuum your car seats, carpets and upholstery, car seat seams, door handles and armrest, and the dash board. We also clean the vents with clean & dry paint brush. Some detailers out there are contented with just wiping those vents. We go the extra mile by using simple tools like brushes that can safely and effectively reach those hidden corners of your vents.

  7. Cleaning the hard surfaces of the car

    We clean the dash board, glove compartment, doors, side boards and the storage spots. We use a special all-purpose cleaner in wiping the surfaces and a soft-bristled brush in cleaning the hard-to-reach spots. It is not called DETAILING for nothing! And trust, us - KASKASERO has the the most detailed service technicians when it comes to detailing your car.

  8. Cleaning the upholstery

    We clean your upholstery by using the appropriate solutions depending on the material of your upholstery. We treat each upholstery differently, and that's why you can be sure that your upholstery is safe and will not be damaged.

  9. Cleaning the carpets.

    We wash your carpets very effectively. If it's dirt - then we can remove it. We can also remove stains as long as they are not permanent stains. If you cannot remove the stains, you can stil make sure that will look so much better. You will see the difference.

  10. Cleaning of windows

    We clen your car windows with a special cleaning solution and absorbent materials. We make that your car windows are completely dry before you leave our shop so that they do not gather dust right away, and can remain clean for a longer period of time.

  11. Vacuuming your car's interior A SECOND TIME

    That's right, we vacuum your car's again. We make sure to remove all traces of dust, dirt and lint.

Most importantly, you will walk away HAPPY!